Follower of the Week!

This weeks winner is the always amazing thexrogue(an absolutely gorgeous lady who not only has a flawless figure and amazingly cute undies but also a kind heart and beautiful smile! Honesty one of my favourites and she was very close to winning undies of the month yet again! <3)

Everyone go follow her and make sure to check out her submissions! (tagged with her URL)

Follower of the Week and Undies of the Month can be found under ‘Awards’.

(I’ll be picking a follower each week who either sends in an amazing submission(s) or who helps out the blog in some way, by either promoing it or etc. I’ll just be making a choice based on personal opinion, but i love ALL of my followers this is just a fun way to get everyone to take part and have some fun with my blog :3)

Undies of the Month: June


This gorgeous lady has sent in incredible submissions across all my blogs and finally is getting some much overdue recognition for it! She always has the cutest undies and a truly phenomenal body to rock them with. I’m happy you won, and I hope you send in lots more!! The submission is now added in the running for Undies of the Year, a huge congratulations to you! (her winning photo and other recent submissions will be tagged with her URL) so make sure to like + reblog to show your support!

(remember to get your submissions in asap, if you send in great photos/gifs you could be named follower of the week with your own personalized promo! Or gain the greatest honour I can give, which is ‘Undies of the Month’ for the submission with the most notes! you can send in your photos here!)