Taking a little break, going to grab some food and such but i’ll be back in an hour or two posting more. Have at least 10+ more to post so get excited! 

If any of you ladies out there would like to be involved in this massive posting don’t hesitate to submit! No theme to match and no real guidelines really other than undies and no full nudity! :) 

(you can send your photos here!)

theamazingspiderboy asked:
you run any other blogs?

fallfartherdowntherabbithole - main 

yogapantsappreciation - self explanitory 

bea-utifulfaces - pretty ladies! 

Anonymous asked:
How do I submit on mobile?

honestly I’m not sure, don’t think you can? you can try clicking on this link here and if that doesn’t work then come off anon and ask for my email and I’ll gladly give it to you :D